Welcome To WKM Records

We Know Music (WKM) Records is an independent recorded music label with an impressive roster of local artists and a music repertoire that includes collaborations with national music icons. WKM Records represents music from every genre - Hip-Hop, R&B, Gospel and Alternative. It is the mission of WKM to convey a positive message through music, to nurture up and coming talent and to cultivate a new generation of true musicians.


Jimmy B (CEO)

Jimmy B, a producer, songwriter and self-taught guitarist states, “My goal has always been to create music with universal messages of love, faith and unity. It’s been a long journey, and "My Old Street" is an example that if you can dream it, you can do it.” Jimmy Baber is the CEO and founder of WKM Records. An accomplished artist in his own right, Baber has successfully created a strong family of local artists; a host of talented music producers. He is a skilled and well-known guitarist in the Jazz world. "It's Personal", another chart topper reveals the eloquence and persona of smooth jazz and it has a rhythm that makes people, soulfully, tap their feet.

Concert on Tom Joiner Cruise!

Upcoming Releases And Events

Kerry Wilkins' TC Park Charting Smooth Jazz Billboard #27!

Chris Wintrip's Stellar Charting Smooth Jazz Top 100!