Jaida Aneese

Ohio’s rising R&B/ pop singer and Tiktok sensation Jaida Aneese is gearing up to release her anticipated debut single “Liquid” August 20th on all digital and streaming platforms with an accompanying music video slated for following week on August 27th. Taking influence from Alicia Keys, H.E.R., and Chris Brown, the sultry new single was written by Aneese who worked with producers Eddie Ferguson and Jaytel Birmingham of Walkone productions out of Houston, Texas. The pair has mentored and worked with Jaida since 2018.

 With an infectious beat and lyrics depicting a fun, carefree love affair that gives you butterflies, “Liquid” is about finding the one person you can truly be yourself around. “I’m so excited to release ‘Liquid.’ When you love someone you really just wanna melt because of how strong the feelings are. This song just makes you want to vibe with your boo, best friend & soulmate, ” Jaida says of the release.

 Jaida Aneese is a passionate singer/songwriter who grew up in a musically talented family. At a very young age she was introduced to songwriting and never looked back. Last year Aneese found widespread recognition when her “Doctor Chipped Me Prank on Boyfriend (Siri Edition)” Tiktok video went viral overnight, launching her into the public eye. The video has since generated about 15 million views and garnered over 230k followers.

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